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Preferred Payment Method?

Cash is always preferred. However, Marie does accept cashapp,venmo and zelle as well. ( if the donation will be sent digitally this must be stated before meeting)

Newbie Friendly?


Mistress Marie know this can sometimes be a nerve-wracking decision to come to, but rest assure that she will take the proper steps so that you can move at your own pace and make you feel at ease.

Remember its all about having fun and exploring yourself! At the end of the day Mistress Maries goal is to have you leaving your sessions feeling uplifted in your spirits.

For those kind and generous individuals and devoted submissive who seek to gift the Mistress upon your meeting, thank you for the kind gesture and means the world to her.
Simple gifts that make  Marie's heart warm. 
- Wine      - Flowers  - Amazon gift cards
- Lingerie    - 420      

for those who wish to truly serve..... Her private, most intimate and expansive wishlist with her most desired pieces can be given upon request to

yes, Marie does see and work with couples in her sessions! If interested in having your partner join  please specify this and  can discuss details. 


With Mistress Marie's personal dungeon under renovation at the moment, she does not have a designated dungeon space to work from at the moment.

However there are a few dungeon spaces  in the city that Marie enjoys working and playing in that can potentially be provided,  if an incall is desired!

outcalls are also available (given a safe, agreed on space/location) if you do wish for us to create a space where I come to you

Regardless of where, Marie is always happy to find a space that works for the two of you to make the most out of your time and experience!
Do You Offer Overnights?

                               In short answer, yes....


For those respectful individuals who wish to not be limited by time for an evening....

enjoy an evening of exploration, dinner drinks and good company of course.

Overnights are a possibility for those who wish to spend extended hours with the mistress. Email for more details on what an evening together would look like...

Do you Travel?


 Marie does tour and travel and is available for Fly Me to You upon request.

Her  frequent travel cities include:

- New York 

- Chicago 

- Los Angeles

If you are located another location and would love to spend some time with the Mistress, Fly Me To You can be a great option.

Email for more details.

A  72-hour notice is required for all Fly Me To You appointments. 

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