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Mistress Marie Labelle

Who are you?

To start off with some basics.

 Mistress Marie a vibrant and intuitive individual, who enjoys all the beauties and moments that life has to offer. Described as friendly, outgoing and  a generous soul, Marie enjoys connecting and meeting people from all walks of life.

Marie  is  of French and American descent and spent her life along the west coast in California, and in the South of France, giving her a very European influence and approach to life.  "I like to say I'm an American with a French heart..."

Some of her passions include art, film, traveling, and  cuisine  in addition to her working as a professional dominatrix

What got you into this?

  After a few years experience with lifestyle domming, and exploring what sides of Kink Mistress Marie enjoyed playing and working with herself. 

The time finally came to expand her role as a domme and who to work and play with.


   For nearly four years now  Mistress Marie has  been helping others discover and explore their own sexuality through kink, BDSM and many types of play and focus. Helping people learn to enjoy and understand their sexuality is one of her favorite aspects that come with this work.

 What do you offer?

While everyone has different definitions and ideas of what their Domme should be, Mistress Marie is a lively and playful spirit who enjoys really connecting and exploring with the people she works with!

With an emphasis on connection build up and pleasure.

So whether you're  experienced service sub looking to be used and abused for the Mistresses pure enjoyment and pleasure, or a newbie kinkster looking to try flogging for the first time....

Thee is always room for explore..

For those individuals looking to push their limits and explore within themselves beyond the day to day common sexuality perimeters. As a pro domme there are a variety of kinks and play that Marie caters to, some more than others. But all equally valid .

Mistress Marie's favorite elements of bdsm to work with are typically  bondage and discipline, exploring the psychological component that comes along with restraints, and the head space and connection that creates between her and her submissive or clients. 

While these are some of her favorite kinks to work with, they are not limited to just these!

The Mistress is always happy to discuss any desires or fantasies and see if you would be a good fit.

Any questions on specifics can be filled out and asked via the booking form on the packages page.

Mistress Marie loves a  good conversation and a real connection.

So whether you're a seasoned Masochist  or someone who is just beginning their journey through kink, a connection is important!

                    So please understand that if after a consultation and introduction, If Marie  feels there may be another domme more suited for you or a better match,  please be respectful!

What's your Style/Approach ?

Guidance and leading is very important for Marie in her sessions. Marie wants whoever she's working with to feel they are taken care of safe in the space we've created to play and enjoy.

She  love to focus on build up with her subs and clients, and making sure you're making the most of your time together.

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