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Marie Labelle

Who are you?

To start off with some basics, I'm of French and American descent and spent my life growing up along the west coast in California, and in the South of France, giving me a very European influence. I like to say I'm an American with a French heart...

I studied design and art in college, which I use to work on personal and professional projects, as well as being a companion. I’m a lighthearted, open-minded girl who enjoys intellectual relationships as much as intimate ones. I've been described as funny, intelligent and overall comfortable to be around. 

What got you into this?

 I've always found myself drawn and fascinated by the industry and after extensive research and dipping my toes into it, I felt that this was right for me. Working in this industry has allowed me to have the time and creative freedom to work independently, spend time with new people and travel the world, which I am eternally grateful for.

What are you into?

I love a good conversation and a real connection. I adore meeting new people with completely different life experiences and knowledge than my own and being able to connect through this. Accompanied by a glass of wine of course...


I've always had an eye for art and design which I adore. Many of my interests include film, fashion, video games and traveling...

How about food?

I'm a HUGE foodie. One of my favorite things to do is to find new restaurants. My favorite foods include French ( of course, reminds me of home), Italian, Japanse, and Greek. 

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